3 questions you need to ask yourself to get your outdoor space summer ready.

Spring has sprung in beautiful South Africa! The flowers are blooming, the sun is warming up and summer is starting to feel less and less like a long-lost memory. In our opinion, spring is a prime season to prepare for the somewhat deadly summer for us South Africans. It’s easy to think about getting your summer bod’ ready, but where will you be able to live out your best summer-loving life if your outdoor living space is not looking top-notch?

Here are a few questions to make sure that you are ready for a beautiful summer taking full advantage of the outdoors:

1) What is your budget?

Step one is to pinpoint how much you have to work with. Be realistic about the possibilities of your project. Here are some tips from us according to your budget:

  • Small budget: Even with a small budget, you can make gorgeous changes! You can think about reupholstering or updating your existing furniture, buying plants and planters, putting up outdoor lights and light pendants and including an outdoor rug.
  • Limited budget: With a limited budget we would suggest thinking about your floor surface and coverage. A deck and a pergola can add so much value to your outdoor living space by not only creating a distinct living area but also providing you comfort against natural elements that are not desirable. This makes your outdoor space a continuation of your home.
  • Big budget: After thinking about your basic structures, such as a deck, pergola, or a screen, you can now get creative with your space. There are many ways to make your outdoor living area the focal point of your property, this can include: Building a fire pit area, buying outdoor furniture, building an outdoor kitchen and built-in braai area and building an outdoor bar with beautiful light pendants hanging over it.
2) Is your outdoor living space weatherproof?

What is the use of having a beautiful outdoor space when it is completely exposed to the sun, wind, and possibly rain? Comfortability and function are of great importance when prepping your outdoor area for summer. Here are four tips to make your outdoor living area more weatherproof:

  • Build a sheeted pergola over your outdoor living space to cover your furniture and decrease its exposure to the sun.
  • Buy or get weatherproof furniture covers made to ensure that your furniture does not get damaged by the sun or the rain.
  • Build a timber or decorative screen to block wind and create more protection against the sun.
  • Add trendy new outdoor curtains that not only look beautiful but also act as an extra layer of protection against weather
3) Do you have areas that are equipped to have a social with friends and family?

There is nothing worse than realizing it is a beautiful summer day outside and there is no outdoor living space kitted for your friends or family to enjoy the outdoors with you. Here are four points to think about to get your outdoor living space ready for many amazing social gatherings:

  • Ensure that you have enough seating for your desired number of guests.
  • Build a beautiful fire pit area where you can enjoy sundowners and marshmallows.
  • Ensure that you have enough surface space for your guests to comfortably put their drinks down and enjoy snacks by adding coffee tables and side tables.
  • Put in a built-in braai or a pizza oven to serve your guests amazing meals.

We truly hope that these questions have helped you come up with the best plan to get your outdoor living area in tip-top shape!