4 Benefits of Revamping a Medical Practice

We all have had to visit a doctor's practice at some point, either for a general check-up, an upcoming examination, procedure, or an illness. None of these are necessarily positive experiences for you to go through, this makes the impact of interior design just so much more powerful.

Your environment has an impressive impact on your mood. It can either make you feel nervous, despondent, flustered, or it can make you feel safe, happy, and peaceful. We have seen what a difference it makes to a medical practice to uplift it with a revamp.

Here are four benefits to redesigning a medical practice:

1) It instantly improves a patient's mood

It's no secret that colours, shapes, and textures make you feel a certain way, especially when your emotions are already high. For instance, red can make negative emotions stronger and positive emotions weaker, whereas green makes positive emotions stronger and negative emotions weaker. Shapes and textures can easily overwhelm a patient and make their mind feel flustered. If shapes and textures are linear or curved, and well-balanced in a medical practice, it makes your client feel calm and sets their mind at ease, without them even realizing it.

2) It makes a first impression that builds trust and a feeling of safety

A medical practice is the first impression! The practice must be an expression of who the doctor is, their personality and values. It shows the patient that they are willing to go the extra mile for them the moment they step foot in their practice, making them trust them while convincing them to visit again.

3) It optimizes cleanliness

The materials and colours that they choose has a significant impact on the cleanliness of the medical practice. Light colours expose any dirt making the medical practice feel sterile and clean. Choosing the right material for the flooring, built-in cupboards and decor items are also essential to the hygiene of the practice. In our opinion, vinyl is the best flooring for a medical practice or clinic, as it is easy to clean, seamless, and excellent for durability. We recommend using high gloss surfaces for the built-in cupboards and decor items as it is easy to clean.

4) It ensures that there is a functional flow through the practice

As an interior designer, I understand the impact a good flow through that space can have. It impacts the functionality of the space and the productivity of those who use it. Through design consultations with doctors as well as research, I study everyday practices, core functions and movements. This ensures fluidity through the medical practice, making it functional and everything is easily accessible.

We hope that this has opened your eyes to the impact revamping a practice could have on patients.